We Rocked and Rolled at Bingo!

IMG_5592 (1)

A fantastic time was had by all at our 3rd annual Rock and Roll Bingo night.  It started a fairly sober affair with teams taking it very seriously – lots of whispering and subtle gestures.  The rather hefty punch and other alcoholic drinks put paid to that though and by round two the ‘rockers’ and ‘rollers’ came out in fine voice to “sing” along (some renditions may not actually pass as singing…) and act out dance routines (possibly encouraged by Sarah Reynolds with prizes for exhibitionism).  By Round Four it was a full on disco with dancing in the aisles and Dirty Dancing lifts!  There were murmurs of a fix when they 4th FoSS committee member current or alumni won a prize, but as we purchase the game from an impartial 3rd party we can safely deny those rumours – might have to omit the FoSS history round we were thinking of for Quiz Night though 🙂

Everyone has been raving about the food – a delicious Brazilian Moqueca and rice with passion fruit mousse for dessert, cooked by our very own Simone Baggio.  And not forgetting those cheese balls.  Ask nicely and she might just serve up another treat at Quiz Night!  Thanks for feeding us Simone!

Huge thanks to Sarah Reynolds who did a fabulous job of compèring the evening and encouraging mischief in her usual manner – anyone would think she enjoys watching parents make fools of themselves.

Thanks also to Giovanna Torrico, Rachel Lake, Movers and Shapers and Bob’s Cafe for the wonderful prizes!

Finally, a HUGE thank you to everyone that helped make the evening happen be it the fabulous team we had organising the event, buying tickets or buying lots of extra bingo cards and wine on the night.  We’re still working on the total but we made a nice tidy amount of money (all of which goes to the school) from a super fun night – a huge success all round we’d say and we hope you agree.

Here are a selection of photos – we’ve edited out the truly incriminating ones and the video footage to save some red faces!