Book Swap march-es on despite the snow!

We’re a bit behind with news updates but we didn’t want that to stop us communicating with you about all the wonderful things that have been happening recently, starting with a belated write up regarding Book Swap.

Back in March, we had another great Book Swap, despite the snow resulting in us having to postpone it by 2 weeks… But snow wasn’t going to stop this annual fixture of the FoSS calendar and more time ultimately meant more books!   

On the day, the Lower Hall was transformed into a mini library where classes visited throughout the day to swap their old books for new ones.  The kids absolutely loved searching through the piles of books to find a new treasure with many sitting down immediately to read.  And thanks to your overwhelming donations, each child from Nursery to Year 6 got to take 2 books home.

Huge thanks to Alice Frankel and Michelle Goldsmith for organising this wonderful day.  Michelle and Alice are both stepping down from Book Swap having organised this event for many years.  We are so grateful for all the time and effort they have put in to make this a successful event year after year and are excited to welcome Lotus and Christina who are taking up the Book Swap baton for next year.  We always need volunteers to help especially as many of the regulars will be leaving the school in July, so if you’d be interested in getting involved, please drop us a note at [email protected]