Quiz Night battle of the Oldies versus Newbies

Despite a series of technical hitches, the annual Friends of Salusbury School Quiz Night was a huge success and raised a whopping £2500!  This years’ quiz had a school subjects theme with each round relating a subject including Art, Music, STEM, Greenspace, P.E., Comprehension, History and Read, Write, Inc.  Competition was fierce and there were few points in it throughout (with the exception of the Cheesy Balls team who got distracted by the bar) but from the outset there was a fierce battle between the Nursery newbies (Diamonds and Pearls), the Teachers (We’ve Spent about £43) and the Year 6 leavers (The Elaine Clarke 5) for the crowning glory of FoSS Quiz Night 2018 winner.  At half time they were neck and neck but in the end, The Elaine Clarke 5 just clinched the title and in their final year, sealed themselves a place in history as the most successful FoSS Quiz Night team ever.  Coming in second was our Nursery newbies, Diamonds and Pearls with an impressive score, closely followed by the teachers team, We’ve Spent about £43, who ranked in the top 3 for the first time ever (possibly helped along by all those wonderful donations you all made)  The Elaine Clarke 5 may have played their last game, but we can see talent rising through the ranks and look forward to seeing who takes up the mantle next year.

Huge thanks to all who came, played, spent lots of money, volunteered in advance or on the day and of course donated money to the teachers table!  Every single contribution, makes these events the success they are and raises valuable money for the school.

Sincere thanks must also go to our sponsors and prize donors for the evening:

Cameron Stiff & Co. who sponsor all of our events

The Lexi Cinema who donated an annual membership for each of the winning team

Our new neighbours, Wolfpack, who donated a £50 voucher for their brewery bar

Canaletes Tapas & Wine who gave a £50 voucher for their restaurant on Willesden Lane

We’ve heard on the grapevine there’s been a lot of competition around final scores so below is a full run down of the final tally (out of a possible 110):

The Elaine Clarke 5 97
Diamonds and Pearls 85.5
We’ve Spent about £43 85
Ozzie’s Rules 84
Bring your own Negroni 83.75
Stuck in Earls Court 80.5
We Eat our Soylent Greens 77.5
Pearl Jam 76.5
The Swooners 75
Foreigners 74
Cheesy Balls 48