FoSS Meeting Minutes – 17 April 2018


Committee: Francesca Burtt-Jones / Julia Bell / Cathy Ricketts / Christian Corney / Alison Moulding

Apologies: Debbie Hartley / Di Haynes / Claire Latham / Andy Lowe (Greenspace) / Richie Walker (Greenspace) / Rosa Howard / Simone Baggio

Friends: Sofia Chen / Emily Seymour / Matt Smith


  1. Minutes from FoSS Meetings
  • Distribution method – agree that we continue to cut and paste notes on website and insert link into Foss newsletters rather than attachment via mailchimp or print out to give out in book bags.
  1. FoSS Mailing List – missing parent data

Reception class data missing from FoSS distribution list

  • ACTION: Alison Moulding to send note to reception class reps stating that they have permission to share the class rep distribution list to FoSS as class rep list and FoSS list are one in the same. Reiterate in note that class reps send out that parents can opt out of the FoSS mailing list automatically at any time.

New parent sign up initiative (for Sept 2018 new intake) –

  • ACTION: Julia & Francesca to speak to Michelle about getting FoSS to the events where new parents are inducted (the events where parents come to school to find out what reception class their kids are in / meet teacher / buy uniform etc.).
  • ACTION: Julia and Francesca to see if Michelle open to including in the new parent pack a sign-up sheet for them to opt in to FoSS at same time as they opt into other school initiatives (e.g. sign up for photos to be included / sign e-safety forms etc.) and information about the FoSS facebook page etc.
  1. Financial update / Rosa

Money raised to date this academic year

  • Quiz night profit: £2,500 (£1,900 after expenses)
  • GoRaise and Easy fundraising £1,150
  • Cake sale profit £1,600
  • Total raised £18,000 for this school year so far

Tesco ‘bags of help’ money

  • Tesco £2,500 yet to be received / invoiced – ACTION: Fran / Rosa to liaise with new school business manager

Projected for rest of year from events:

  • Summer fair £5,000 / 10k run £5,000 / International evening £1,500

Staff requests: none at this meeting

Fundraising activities / Events roundup:

  • The Whale mural repaint – completed and should last for another 15 years. ACTION: Fran to get photos of the work / finished whale from Lynn Whitehead and share with Cathy so Cathy can do a facebook / twitter post
  • Quiz night – key learning need less rounds of questions in future years, everyone loved night, but overall comment was running over was an issue – committee agreed to reduce number of rounds in future events as always a problem
  • Easter Egg hunt: great success / dig day and egg hunt together good way of raising awareness of greenspace and the dig days. Tweak the way the egg hunt runs for future years – think about ways to ensure younger kids get eggs and stop the older kids getting them all.  Need a map so people know where to get into greenspace.
  1. Greenspace updates
  • Outdoor class room build: structure 80% there. This Saturday need people to help lift structure up and tie it onto posts.  11am this Saturday anybody who can need 12 people in total for 30mins to 1 hour on Sat am.  Already got 5 people signed up need a further 7 people email the greenspace team [email protected]
  • 5m tall by 6m wide designed to hold a whole class plus teacher
  • 10-year anniversary celebration events planning in place
  • Website updates – Emily to update the greenspace section with correct dates etc.
  1. Event dates to note – upcoming this term / new school year as of Sept
  • 24th May (Thursday) International Evening. ACTION: Julia and Fran to meet with Michelle to agree format, and see if she will endorse initiatives to get classes involved…e.g. do a food sign-up sheet like they do with the class parties to ensure parent participation in donating food for the event
  • Greenspace 10th anniversary event for Greenspace alumni being planned for June
  • 17th June – open gardens and studios. Volunteers needed ACTION: Emily and greenspace committee to confirm how many volunteers needed, for when and for what tasks
  • Sat 30th June – summer fair
  • Sat 15th July – British 10k run
  • Friday Sept 28th 2018 – Ceildh event. Opening night of the FoSS season for next academic year.
  1. 10k run / cause & volunteer sign up
  • ACTION: Cathy / Christian. Draft note to go out via FoSS gmail and class reps asking for volunteers to run / fundraise. 
  • Agreed fundraising cause: Meeting attendees voted for the cause to be raise funds to upgrade the the laptops available for pupils to use in class during ICT.  Budget cuts to school budget mean that the current provision for pupils is not up to scratch.
  1. Summer fair planning
  • Music stage: ideas suggested was to approach rocksteady / new voices / Pablo / Folkies / rhythm studio regarding them volunteering to set up and manage a music stage.
  • ACTION: fran to speak to Rocksteady (via Angela) once we know if they are in / out then Cathy to speak to Rhythm Studio
  • ACTION: Julia to speak to Pablo
  • ACTION: Emily to speak to Folkies store on Kilburn High Road (see if they will oragnise and sponsor)
  • Catering – Still need to decide how we ensure we generate the £1,800 profit that has always been generated from our own catering if we don’t’ have Simone to manage. Footfall of this event on average is approx. 500 adults plus children
  • ACTION: Fran to speak to Helen Durnford from Hopscotch see if she can advise what the pitch fees are for the Farmers Market and if she can help us contact some of those stalls to see if they’d come to the Summer fair.
  • ACTION: further financial modelling required to see what kind of pitch fees we can charge (and if that’s financially viable for stall owners) if we get food stalls at the event rather than do our own catering.
  1. Cake sale – committee agreed it will be renamed to “bake sale”

ACTION: Alison to liaise with Angela etc. regarding changing name of all comms (book bag notes etc.)

  1. AOB / Suggestions
  • FoSS parent fundraising events to be mirrored for the kids in school (e.g. bingo / quiz night etc.) in school
  • Year long focus for fundraising to help garner more interest from parents – starting from Sept. 2018 to agree what the cause is in conjunction with Michelle Ginty. Likely to be playground upgrade for academic year 2018/2019 but more behind the scenes work to be done until in a position to confirm this will be the fundraising focus.