FoSS Meeting Minutes – 24 July 2018

Attendees:  Francesca Burtt-Jones, Julia Bell, Michelle Goldsmith, Matt Smith, Clare Maddison

Apologies: Debbie Hartley, Christian Corney, Cathy Ricketts, Emily Seymour, Giovanna Torrico, Alice Frankel, Rosa Howard


1, Minutes from last meeting

  • Will be up on the website shortly. 

2. Finance

  • £32,300 raised this year to date (inc. GA). This is greater than last year if you take off the one-off grant from Tesco.
  • Donated £33.814 to school; £42,593 in bank (of that £13k ring-fenced for Greenspace and £5.2k ring-fenced for laptops)
  • £4.5k of pledges not yet invoiced by school therefore waiting to close books
  • £19,962 surplus currently for start of next year

3. Summer Fair

  • £6,800 profit – £2k more than last year. Weather was good, music made people stay and drink. Door was up on previous years. Overall very successful.
  • Discussed future of pre-loved stalls – is there still a place for them? No decision.

4. 10K Run

  • Runners did amazingly in 30 degree heat and raised £5,690 before GA. 
  • Money raised going towards computers in classrooms. First set of laptops being billed. There will be groups of 30 laptops for classrooms. Looking into possible sponsorship
  • New coding after school club happening too, they will also be coming in during day

5. Greenspace

  • Looking good! all year have been using it. 
  • Courgettes and cucumbers among others have been planted. 
  • Matt and Clare taking over from Andy – the building and practical stuff.

6. Salusbury Greener Spaces Project (Salusbury Hedge Funders)

  • Building up the amount of ‘green’ in the playground – introduction of pollution stifling plants as well as extending Greenspace learning. These plants will absorb 20-40% of ground level pollution. Looking at grant funding as very expensive. Groundworks potentially can help. 
  • Work will happen over the summer as otherwise would have to wait 6 months. Proposing to pledge £6k towards this in the future.

7. Foodbank

  • HIlary, who has been organising this, is leaving the school and a replacement is needed. Any takers? Please let Francesca / Julia know

8. Elections and Succession Planning

  • Francesca (Chair), Julia (Vice-Chair), Rosa (Treasurer) and Cathy (Communications) are stepping down. All need to be replaced. Any willing volunteers make themselves known!
  • Mentioned what a fantastic job everyone had down and how they will be sorely missed.

9. AOB

  • International Evening will be on 27th September 2018.