Salusbury World

salusburyworldSalusbury World is a charity that supports refugee and asylum seeking children and families. Established in 1999, it was the first refugee centre to be set up within a primary school.  Friends works very closely with Salusbury World and supports it whenever it can.

Salusbury WORLD provides educational, social and emotional support for refugee children, and supports parents and the wider refugee community by providing home/school liaison, family workshops and outings, and also a comprehensive social advice service.

We work to increase language ability and curriculum access as well as self-esteem and confidence. We also endeavour to raise awareness of refugee issues and to encourage integration.

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Salusbury WORLD aims to share good practice among educational professionals, and others who work with refugees and asylum seekers. We seek to influence provision for refugee children and families both locally and nationally.

Welcome and Inclusion

We welcome new children and their parents to school, with a planned induction programme, peer support and access to interpreters and translators as necessary.

We facilitate parental involvement in their children’s learning, using family learning workshops, educational advice sessions, translation, interpreting and social opportunities.

After School Club and Holiday Activities

The After School Club was set up to provide children with play opportunities, creative activities and outlets for self-expression.

There have been many positive outcomes for the children who attend, including improved confidence and self-esteem, rapid acquisition of English, social skills and academic achievement.

Advice and  Support

Providing advice and support to refugee families can help improve the situation for both parents and children.

Emergency advice sessions are provided by our staff, as well as advocacy on behalf of our clients.

We provide a weekly session with the Citizen’s advice Bureau (CAB), and refer on to suitable agencies where appropriate.

Training and Consultancy

Salusbury WORLD gives guidance and support to schools and other education professionals via a comprehensive training package, custom-made INSET sessions, or individual consultancy.

The training focuses on understanding issues facing refugee children and their families, and on offering positive responses for schools to take on board, based on our own experience of good practice.


Our work was highlighted in the video training package, In Safe Hands, published by The Refugee Council and Save the Children.

In 2004 we wrote a guidance and resource pack, ‘Home from Home’, published by Save the Children.

The effective practice described in this pack is relevant to primary and secondary teachers and teaching assistants, learning mentors, home-school liaison workers, educational psychologists and others.

Shared Futures

Shared Futures is an exciting new project, which aims to assist schools in:

  • welcoming refugee children and young people
  • promoting their well-being
  • helping them and their families become part of the community